At Camp Otterdale, our activities are organized with two key goals in mind……for kids to have fun and to learn skills. Staff are trained to instruct all levels of skill, from beginner to expert, and to provide individual and group attention in order to help every camper engage in the activity and increase their skill level.

Days are active at Camp Otterdale, and we LOVE it that way!  Being active and engaged promotes happiness and inspiration for everyone to give it “your all!” Learning to “stick with it,” and to accept the valuable lessons in the pursuit provides opportunities to experience perseverance, patience and success. Nothing is sweeter than seeing a camper walking with more confidence and feeling proud of an accomplishment!

We offer a variety of activities for each camper to choose from:

SnorkellingCamp FarmArts & Crafts
TennisGlass EtchingWoodworking
Mountain BikingClimbingArchery
KayakingDistance CanoeingSailing
Waterskiing/WakeboardingRamble On Hiking
Red Cross/Life Saving Society
Swim Lessons
DramaSurvival Fix-it with Captain
Ping PongSUPDistance Swimming
Here is what a typical day looks like (approximate timing):
Daily Schedule

7:30 am Wakey Wakey, (morning swim or exercise)
8:30 am Breakfast
1st activity period
2nd activity period
3rd activity period

12:30 pm Lunch followed by rest hour
4th activity period
5th activity period
6th activity period

5:30 pm Supper, tag up for next days activities
Evening program
“Junior” lights out
“Senior” lights out

There are six major activity periods each day. Every evening after dinner, campers “tag up” for their activity choices, one of which is reserved for their swimming lesson. We offer Red Cross swimming lessons from levels 1 to 10, and for more advanced swimmers Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross.
After lunch, there is a quiet hour where all campers return to their cabins to rest, read, write a letter or plan an upcoming event with their counsellors.

After dinner, sometimes the entire camp gathers to take part in a traditional game like “Capture the Flag,” or a staff led event created specifically for a session theme. At Otterdale, we have generated many evening programs that have become part of our camp lore. On a hot summer night, for example, we have been known to “float” the whole camp in camper groups and play games to cool off! Skits and Air Bands, carnivals, races, dances, as well as a good old campfire sing along are all a part of our evenings together.

Classic Camp Campers will have the opportunity to experience an overnight camp out with their group during their time at Otterdale. This may include hiking, canoeing, cooking over an open fire, and sleeping in a tent. Pathfinder campers will experience a 4 day canoe trip.