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Camp Otterdale: Where you belong

At Camp Otterdale, we are committed to providing our campers with exciting new experiences, a chance to master life long skills, forge new friendships and opportunities for self-discovery. Camp Otterdale is a place where everyone belongs! We welcome you to join us!

Camp Otterdale has a large waterfront, for several water-based programs such as canoeing, sailing, swimming, kayaking, windsurfing, paddle boarding. The property consists of over 200 acres of mixed forest and open fields. Camper cabins are nestled at the north end of the camp along with a Health Centre, outhouses, shower facilities and the dining hall, named Harrison Hall. Also in this area is the Sugar Shack and our new Otter Shoppe.

Biking trails and the camp farm are located at the south end of camp amongst a forest of red pine, birch and sugar maple. As well, Camp Otterdale owns 23 acres across the bay from camp, which is used for overnight camping and water skiing. Another 110 acres, located adjacent to camp is used for biking, hiking, campouts and maple syrup production.

We welcome you to come for a visit to tour our community!

A place where...

Camp Otterdale is a place where we are committed to helping children have fun making friends, learning new things and becoming more confident in their independence.

A place where

Our well-trained staff grew up at camp too

A place where

We take pride in our challenging programs

A place where

There is always a sense of friendship felt along the shores of Otter Lake.

A place where

We connect with one another, and with the outdoors.

A place where

Everyone belongs!

Meet Captain: Our director

Camp Otterdale is owned and operated by Jeff Brown, aka Captain. Along with his Leadership team and staff, Captain leads the day to day operations and facilitation of all programs and activities. As a hands-on Camp Director, his extensive experience and leadership is focused on making Otterdale a place where every camper feels a strong sense of belonging to the camp community. Captain and his team encourage campers to be themselves, to be challenged and to enjoy the many activities and camp programs.

Director: Jeff Brown, BA, BEd, Lt(N) Ret

For the past 25 years, Camp Otterdale has been owned and operated by Jeff Brown, fondly known as “Captain.” His love of camp began at age 6, his first summer as a camper at Camp Kawabi.  His passion being involved in the camp community and working directly with children continued to flourish throughout his years as a Camp Counsellor, Swim Director and Senior Staff at Kawabi.  It shaped his dream of owning and running his own camp! 

 Along with his Leadership team and staff, Captain leads the day to day operations and facilitation of all programs and activities.  As a “hands on” Camp Director, his extensive experience and leadership is focused on making Otterdale a place where every camper can be themselves, be challenged and enjoy the many activities and camp programs. 

Along with his involvement in community organizations, Jeff is an honourary member of the Ontario Camps Association (OCA), an active Board Member and the Chair of the Environmental Committee. 

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Meet Muskie: Counsellor, Facilitator &
Head of Crafts

Dana McDade, BA, MA Child Study, Diploma, Adult Education

If you ask Muskie what her job title is, she will tell you that she is “Head of Crafts!”  There are some days where that is exactly where you will find her. Or, you’ll find her with a camera in her hands, taking photos of our antics and activities! 

Her love of camp kick started  at age 9, when she first attended Camp Kawabi.  Like Captain, Muskie’s love of camp was instilled there as a camper and a Counsellor. 

After 25 years as a Counsellor and Facilitator with the Government of New Brunswick and the New Brunswick Community College, Muskie joined Captain at Camp Otterdale a couple of years ago.  Her role is to help him coordinate and implement all aspects of running a camp. Her background in Counselling allows Muskie to guide, teach and support the staff and campers.

How’s that for Head of Crafts? 

Get to know the rest of our staff

Our Story

The legacy of Camp Otterdale continues with a grateful nod to its past and with enthusiasm to its present-day activities. It was founded in 1955 by Carman and Madeleine Harrison (Caesar and Lefty) at their family cottage on Otter Lake. The combination of the beautiful eastern shoreline and woodlands made an ideal setting for a children’s camp. Carmen taught school in Stoney Creek, Ontario. In the summers they welcomed a few students and friends to join their children at the cottage. From those humble beginnings, the Camp Otterdale community grew to host thousands of children from Ontario, and Quebec.

The cottage facilities needed to keep pace with the growing camper population each summer. Caesar and Lefty were able to acquire adjoining property and to expand the facilities and programs to host 150 campers and their counsellors. After 25 successful years, they passed the torch to Michael Southam in 1980.

Michael had a long camping history in Ontario and brought his energy and ideas to Otterdale. Over the next 15 years, Michael upgraded and modernized the camp facilities. He fine-tuned the camp programs and added additional programming such as a repelling (now the climbing wall). Mike’s signature project was the beautiful stone Lodge and kitchen facility.

In 1996 the camp transitioned to Jeff “Captain” Brown and his family. From the beginning, Captain’s vision has been to maintain the important traditions established by Caesar, Lefty and Michael, as well as to develop innovative programs and activities, to encourage staff training, and to improve the facilities.

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