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At Camp Otterdale, we offer 2 core programs tailored with our Campers in mind. The 2 week Classic program and our 4 week Pathfinder Program both offer awesome opportunities to try and to develop skills in a variety of outdoor activities. In every program and activity, we encourage Campers to take responsibility, to make decisions, and to work as a team! Self-expression and self-discovery are fostered with spirit!

We invite you to check them out to see which program best suits your child!

Our Core Programs

Classic Camp

Classic Camp is our most popular session, with a beginning, a middle and an end. Enhanced by a theme, each session every year is unique, complete with Camp O traditions.

Ages 7 – 16

2 Weeks

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Pathfinders is our one-month camp for all ages! Campers who sign up for one of the 4 week sessions (July or August or July B and August A combined) will have the opportunity to experience camp life even more.

Ages 8 – 16

4 Weeks

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