November 2019 – Registration Open for 2020

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Greetings Camp Otterdale Friends and Family!

With two shakes of a squirrel’s tail and a double blink of the old owl’s eyes, we find ourselves surrounded by snow and trees bare of the beautiful autumn leaves! It was a lovely autumn of giving thanks, spending time with family, hosting several camper groups, and closing Camp O up for the season.  Fall camp is different than our regular summer sessions…….smaller groups, varying ages, different focus on activities. But, it is similar in some ways too! Crafts, canoeing, climbing and campfires…..Dining Hall games, shared meals, skits and singsongs all take place as a backdrop of the memory making moments that bind a group of classmates and friends together.

Now? It’s a whole lot more quiet around here. We miss you!

Hmmmmm, I want to linger, Hmmmmmm a little longer here with you. Remember that song?