May 2019 – Join us at Camp Otterdale’s Open House

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Greetings Camp Otterdale Kindreds!

Can you say “Hurray for May!” That’s what we are shouting at camp these days as we watch the return flights of the lake birds overhead, as we applaud the appearance of the daffodils and apple blossoms, as we say goodbye to the bits of ice that hung on in the woods and a hearty hello to the colour of spring green all around us!  Hurray for May!
It’s a fresh air vibrant month that reunites us with nature’s growth all around us.

We are also so excited to welcome Camp Otterdale’s 2019 Leadership team. Over the next couple of weeks, they will be arriving, settling in and getting straight to the projects and preparation of programs and activities. Our conversations with them over the winter have all been enlightening and energetic as we share ideas and enthusiasm for enhancing activities with fresh ideas, and for generating brand new activities that have come straight from their imaginations and winter visioning. Here are a few of the activities we will be focused on over the next couple of weeks: