June 2019 – Countdown to Camp

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Salutations Camp Otterdale Friends and Family!

Badaboom, its June!  The time of year when most of this part of the world is finishing up school and spring projects, wrapping up committee meetings and team sports, clearing the cobwebs at the cottage, preparing boats and kayaks, and anticipating some summertime events as well as that elusive “sitting at the end of the dock downtime.”  Hopefully “Busy” is about to take a holiday for many, in order to refresh, reconnect, relax.  Well, our axis in the Summer camp world is a bit different……..oh, lots of cleaning, clearing and cobweb destruction!  We are ramping UP for all the gang to join us!  “Busy,” “Fun,” “Planning,” and “Doing” have arrived with enthusiasm as we get ready for Captain’s 24th summer leading us at Camp Otterdale!  All Aboard!  You bet!

We had a fantastic turn out for our annual Open House on the May long weekend.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to join us.  We met lots of new folks and caught up with our returning families and staff alumni.  It warms all of our hearts to hear, see and feel the energy rise with excitement for the coming summer.  In fact, it boosted the bounce in the steps of our Leadership team as we continue to set up activities, docks, sailboats, craft shop, as we fix the old cabin steps, finish the woodworking centre and plant the garden!