Where are They Now?

New to our newsletter will be a regular piece on Camp Otterdale Alumni Staff! Our Otterdale “reach” extends around the world, with folks involved in a wide variety of careers and adventures! Our First shout out goes to:

From 2006-2016, Scotia played an integral part of the Camp Ottedale staff. Coming directly from Camp Kawabi (Captain and Muskie’s camp alma mater) when it closed, Scotia jumped in as a Junior Leader (J-Led) and progressed on staff in many Counsellor and Program roles. Working closely with Captain, Scotia embraced the job as Assistant Director. Together, they worked on many projects, ran the camp sessions, and led the Camp Otterdale staff.

After two years as the full-time Assistant Director at Camp Pinecrest, Scotia has just taken on the role of Camp Director!

With her trusty canine assistant Ellie (also a Camp Otterdale alumni), Scotia is responsible for leading and guiding 140 summer staff and overseeing the safety, well-being of as well as the programming for over 300 campers per session! What a feat!

We are very proud of Scotia and are super happy that Scotia is in a position perfect for her skills and enthusiasm. Her passion for the camp world and for children knows no bounds. To use a Maritime term, “the very best,” Scotia! Sail on!