Pathfinders Program (Leadership Skills for Life)

Want to develop life-long leadership skills? Camp Otterdale has the program for you!! Pathfinders is geared for 15 and 16-year-old campers who are seeking these challenges. These 4-week sessions are offered in both July and August camps.

The program enhances the Otterdale camping experience. We do this by providing more time and instruction to practice and to perfect skills in the core program areas including canoeing, kayaking, camp skills, sailing, and windsurfing.

Being a Pathfinder is an asset to anyone interested in becoming future staff. Attending camp for four weeks learning and applying leadership skills better prepares you for success as junior counsellors and new instructors. The experiences and skills acquired through the Pathfinder program are not only applicable in a camp setting. They are leadership skills for life.

Under the guidance of our staff, Pathfinders begin to develop skills in lesson planning, theory, teaching, leadership styles as well as opportunities to be leaders within the camp community. Specific training includes assisting with younger camper groups at mealtime and bedtime, helping to organize and run evening programs, and being an assistant instructor at activities.

A highlight of being an Otterdale Pathfinder is the mid-session canoe trip. This year the trips are three night/four days to beautiful Frontenac Park. Lead by four of our senior staff from the Otterdale Leadership Team, Pathfinders plan and prepare all aspects of the trip.

We hope you will consider this exciting leadership opportunity at Otterdale this summer!

There is a maximum of 10 boys and 10 girls per Pathfinder Camp.