Day in the Life

During your stay at camp, your cabin will be your home away from home. You will be sharing it with other kids your own age, some who are new to camp, and others who are experienced veterans! Each cabin has two or three counsellors to lead your group and to assist you whenever you need them. The counsellors were once campers too! They know what it’s like to be a first-time camper and an experienced veteran.

The Camp Otterdale community thrives when people join together to play, to learn and to help one another. By sharing daily activities, including meals and singsongs in the Main Lodge, living space in cabins, and all of the traditional camp activities, everyone at Otterdale feels a strong sense of belonging and will experience many opportunities to have fun and to make friends. We can’t wait for you to join us!

Here is what a typical day looks like:


There are six major activity periods each day. Every evening after dinner, campers tag up for their activity choices, one of which is reserved for a swimming lesson. We offer RedCross swimming lessons from levels 1 to 10 and for more advanced swimmers Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross.

After lunch, there is a quiet hour where all campers return to their cabins to rest, read, write a letter or plan an upcoming event with their counsellors.


After dinner, sometimes the entire camp gathers to take part in a traditional game like “Capture the Flag” or a staff led event created specifically for a session theme. At Otterdale, we have generated many evening programs that have become part of our camp lore. On a hot summer night, for example, we have been known to float the whole camp in camper groups and play games to cool off! Skits and Air Bands, carnivals, races, dances, as well as a good old campfire sing-along are all a part of our evenings together.

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