Frequently Asked Questions


Laundry is done once in a two-week session by a commercial laundry service outside of Camp Otterdale. We strongly recommend that all clothes and towels are labelled with your child’s full name in order to avoid the disappointment of returning home without a favourite shirt or pair of jeans. A laundry bag with name tag is also recommended. We try our best to assist campers in keeping their belongings together in one spot, however, Camp Otterdale does not assume responsibility for loss of camper’s clothing.

What to Pack!

A clothing and essentials list is here! We recommend old clothes that are suitable to the camp environment. Please note that Campers should not bring electrical equipment such as hair dryers or radios, since power is not available for their use in the cabins. We strongly discourage electronics such as game boys, CD/DVD players and will take and hold cell phones in the office until the end of the session should they be brought to camp.

Authorization for Travel with Friends

Written authorization is required from parents who are arranging travel for their child with another family. Please indicate your travel plans on the Application for Enrolment.

Mail / Email (Bunk1)

Campers do appreciate mail! You are invited to leave mail with us for distribution throughout the camp session. It is collected and distributed daily.
We also encourage campers to send mail home. We recommend that campers arrive with stamped, addressed envelopes. Mail is collected and distributed daily.

BUNK 1 one-way email is available to parents/grandparents/siblings and friends to email as often as every day.

We have found that food items (candy/cookies) have spoiled meals and caused tummy aches. Despite the emphasis on sharing, someone may get left out which can cause ill feelings between campers. Our regular TUC-RUN should satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Please send a book or magazine instead of a food parcel!

Otterdale has a small rural mailbox only, and large parcels are not delivered to camp, thus a trip into town is required.


The Directors can be reached through the camp number (613 284-2700) at any time during a camp session. If possible, we ask that you call during regular working hours. If you reach our voicemail, please leave a message or call again. We check messages frequently.

Please be aware that campers do not have direct access to a telephone. We ask that all messages be passed through the camp office.

You can also contact us via email at: info@campotterdale.com


Experience has shown that the arrival and departure of visitors can be very disruptive to the camp program. Consequently, we do not have a scheduled Visitor’s Day.

Session Themes

Each two-week session at camp has an associated theme such as Space, Scottish Highland Games or Spies and Private Eyes to create a fun atmosphere. These change each year so that no theme will be repeated unless by popular demand! We ask that each camper try to put together a simple costume related to their session theme(s) and bring it with them to camp.


Camp Otterdale is located 87 km south of Ottawa and 84 km north of Kingston, near the Village of Lombardy, Ontario, Canada. To reach Otterdale, travel on highway 15 from Ottawa or Kingston and look for the large highway sign at Frayn Road, which is 4 km south of Lombardy. Turn onto Frayn Road, travel 0.5 km to the camp entrance located on the left side of the road.