When you decide to send your child to Camp Otterdale, you too become part of the Otterdale community. We encourage you to let us know what your hopes and goals are for your child’s experience at camp.

You will find a section when you are registering your child which is a direct communication route between you and your child’s counselling staff and the Directors. We feel it is important for you to let us know directly what you would like your child to achieve. For example, you may want your child to pass a certain swim level, achieve an award at canoeing, make new friends or swim the lake. The form also allows you to keep us up to date with any recent issues that occurred before camp that may be relevant to their camp experience and important for us to know about.

During the camp session, we encourage you to utilize the camper email service (Bunk 1) to send mail to your child during their stay. We also welcome your call or email to the office if you want to check in and find out how they are doing. If we can’t tell you right away, we will talk with their counsellors and get right back to you.

At camp, we deliberately restrict communication via text and phone to engage campers with their camp community. We understand that this may be difficult but we ask campers and parents not to pack cell phones or other data devices. Please feel free to contact us through email or phone if you want to check in and see how they are doing!