Captains Blog 10052012

Hobbes Arrives

The Work Crew team is getting a bit larger. There is enough staff for three euchre matches, a great B-ball game or 12 games of solitaire! That also means we can divide, organize and conquer a lot of work at one time. The productivity of this group is truly amazing. They are highly motivated and seem to know what has to be accomplished by the end of each day.

Yesterday morning the team consisted of Topo, Gunnar, Enzo, Ludwig, Bleeker, Rossi, Medley, Clover and Scotia. There is also that somewhat more worldly and mature component of Pops, Aunt Sue and myself.

As we started the second full week of Work Crew on Monday everyone was “finding their groove” nicely. It’s a very interesting pattern to observe from my vantage point on the Bridge porch or in Nuts and Bolts. I like to compare it to driving on a 400 series highway. I most often accelerate quickly in the merging lane then exceed the speed limit to ensure I have all options open to join the traffic ahead. I then motor along a bit to acclimatize to the given circumstance and then ease into to my safe speed.

Hobbes joined the Work Crew team yesterday late morning. We gave him a warm five minute welcome and then put him to work. This is his first year coming to camp this early and his arrival reminded me a great deal of the first few days of camp for so many campers (not the putting them to work part). Hobbes looked and smelled clean compared to the rest of us who were dressed in our well worn work clothes. His eyes were bright, his wit sharp and I watched him take it all in…..not missing anything. He was very wide eyed and seemed excited about what lay ahead for him in this familiar but still new environment!

So there it was…..12 of us in th