Captains Blog 02052012

Almost Operational

We are fortunate to have a regular visitor to camp who really “gets” what camp is all about. He was a counsellor himself when he was much much younger at another camp called Shadow Lake. He has two boys who went to Otterdale, one of whom is on staff this year. This visitor has helped me on many occasions with “fix-it” type stuff and he is an accomplished and experienced Otterdale Sugar Maker whose name you can easily find on the Sugar Makers board. He has trained and challenged many of the staff at the euchre table and is always looking for ways to help out around camp. This great friend of Otterdale is known as Master C-Foo. (What a great camp name, I think it ranks up there with the coolest names such as “Thunderbolt”, “E-or” and “Zoff”).

Master C-Foo had a quick visit today to see how the Work Crew staff were doing. I think he also needed a cup of coffee. The staff had been busy around camp doing all sorts of jobs to clean-up, put away and fix. When he walked into the camp kitchen this afternoon to greet a few of us, he said, “Wow….this place looks almost operational”. I thought there could not be a better compliment to the Work Crew staff. It has only been a few days since Work Crew started and already there is very noticeable progress from the waterfront, through Harrison Hall and right up to Nuts and Bolts.

Of course there is much ahead for this team to prepare Otterdale for the arrival of the first campers, but what a start. Thank you Master C-Foo for the observation and compliment to the team.

We will see you soon I suspect!