Captain’s Blog 24052012

Ask and They will Tell You!

Our Skills Weekend and Open House is almost a week behind us now……time is fleeting and camp is rapidly approaching us! Throughout the Skills Weekend our staff “dug-in” with incredible effort in all three activity streams. The canoeists all successfully completed their Instructor course and the swimmers all completed the first half of the NLS course. The support staff worked many hours on a “fix-it” and chores list as well as taking care of all the (great) meal preparations.

I thought the weekend was in every way a great success. Thank you Otterdale Staff!

One thing I really enjoyed was the hour or so working with all the support staff as we picked up garbage along the highway. It’s troubling how much garbage there was, but it felt great to work alongside those staff to do the clean-up. We received a lot of thank you honks from passing cars.

The Open House was well attended and I think each visiting family had a glimpse of what amazing things their kids will do this summer. The new climbing wall was a main attraction followed closely by the heavy equipment display (our tractors).

As we were wrapping up the weekend, I asked my staff to write out their thoughts-just a quick note. Here is what they wrote to my following question:

Answer me this……..What’s cool about Skills Weekend?

  1. Seeing new staff bond with the older staff. (Captain)
  2. To see these young people apply themselves to something new and challenging, and succeed. (Canoe Instructor Pat )
  3.  The opportunity to leave the city, and connect with the camp community, and join a welcoming collection of staff members. (Jahbba)
  4. Coming together as a team and in a social community with new and returning staff and seeing the changes made throughout the year. (Bauer)
  5. I love coming back to camp and catching up with all of the staff after being apart for almost a year. (Mozely)
  6. It’s great getting that little taste of what summer’s going to be like with all the amazing staff we have. (Watson)
  7.  Getting to see everyone you don’t get to see during the school year, and really bonding as a group. (Cameron (Tosh) Begin)
  8. The coolest part about Skills Weekend is getting to get away for a weekend and be at camp with all your friends, also seeing Captain and Aunt Sue’s beautiful faces. (Kyle (Simba) Lawrence)
  9. Getting to learn what being on staff is all about and getting to see all you’re old camp friends and new camp friends again. (Michael (Maverick) Rhodes)
  10. Getting to come to camp and have an awesome time with counsellors and the new J leds. It’s also pretty sweet finding out what staff life is going to be like. (Ryan (Kessel) Kidman)
  11.   I just met you, and this is crazy. But here’s my number, so call me maybe…– (Matt (Clifford) Robbs)
  12. What’s cool about skills weekend is having a little taste of how awesome your summer is going to be during school. (Lochlan (BiGzBee) Doyle)
  13.  It’s great to see all the friendly faces again, and be re-integrated into the Camp O community as a counsellor. (Angelo (Brunch/Undecided) Milonas)
  14. So FUN to play games and to have fun with my freinds!! ( Medley)
  15. It’s awesome being here for the first time as a staff member. It’s giving us a great taste of what summer is going to be like. We can’t wait!!!! (Marina/Royce and Holly/Holly)
  16.  It was great to be back, learning new skills, finding old friends, and meeting new friends. (Anna Squared)
  17. WAZZUP BUDDZ! Topanga and Juni here, we love skills weekend because we get to catch up with friends and prep camp for the amazing upcoming summer! xoxo yolo
  18. I love coming back to camp and seeing all my favourite camp things along with all the new things! Skills weekend is righteous! (Spinelli)
  19. “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right” (Chevy, not my quote)
  20. It’s great to be back with all the staff – Welcoming the new staff into our camp family has been a blast! (Nikon)
  21.  It’s great to see new faces at camp! I look forward to getting to know the new staff better! Skills has been stellar, and I have learned great things. (Rossi)
  22.  Skills weekend has been a tremendous weekend for meeting all the new staff and getting camp all ready for the summer! Can’t wait to make more memories with everyone old and new! (J Navi)
  23. Looking forward to seeing everyone this summer, could be the best summer yet! (Maggie)
  24. It has been a great experience and seeing all the new and old staff has been great! Here’s to making lots of new and old memories! Looking forward to a great summer! (Pandora)
  25.  Being able to come back to camp, talk to old friends, and meet new friends. ( Apollo)
  26.   It’s amazing to be able to get to go back to a place you love so much, surrounded by the people you care about the most (Darwin)
  27.  It is an absolute tease…After the weekend we start hittin the books hard for our academic examinations…. But does it ever get you stoked for the summer!!!! (BaBaGanouj)
  28.  It’s been a great start! This summer will be unreal and it feels so long away but before we know it, it will be here! Looking forward to it! (Skylar)
  29.  It’s so great to see so many familiar faces again! The weather helped make this an outstanding weekend and makes me extremely excited for the summer! (Lynx)
  30.  It was awesome getting a break from school and getting to catch up with all of the returning staff and meeting all the promising new staff members. (Crusoe)
  31. It’s great to bond with the new Jled’s and see all those beautiful faces again. It’s sure been wild in the smouldering heat can’t wait for the summa! (Denver)
  32. I can already see that the new staff this year will be a power house of hilarious characters (Hobbes)