Captains Blog 14052012

CaptainPitching In

With very little encouragement the Work Crew Staff were all willing to pitch-in with the blog today. I asked if they wouldn’t mind offering up a description of what they have been working on and how they are generally feeling about camp. (I’m pretty sure they were all willing!)

With the female staff taking the lead, the following are a few of their thoughts……enjoy:

Rossi: Throughout the past two weeks I have been working on constructing the new Bantams trough as well as stairs, this has been a fantastic experience since I have been learning a lot of new stuff that’s pretty neat. One of the more interesting things I have learned is how to solder copper pipes together. The great part about this was that once I was done it didn’t leak!! I feel amazing about my new skills and I’m excited to learn even more. I’m stoked for the fast approaching summer!


Clover: Today, Medley and I washed the maple sap evaporator so the maple syrup will taste extra nice next year. I’ve been raking around camp, cleaning the kitchen and preparing the water front. I’ve managed to have 5 nosebleeds this spring. I made some pretty terrible coffee and made a few new cat friends. Bright lights and June bug city. Overall, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty tight summer.


Scotia: Last night I started the long process of making homemade chicken noodle soup. It’s taken longer than expected, but the stock is finally done and Work Crew will be enjoying a delicious chicken noodle soup tomorrow. I feel like “Camp Mom” Scotia making delicious food for all to enjoy! Bleeker, Medley, Clover and I are on our way to clean all the sap buckets and have some fun in the sun! It should be a good afternoon up at the sugar shack.


Medley: Look for my contribution soon!


Treble: I’m back! But just to visit and help the Work Crew out for a few days. You can count on seeing me a few times this summer though – Camp has a strong pull on me, and I’m not fighting it. It’s great being here to help; the weather is beautiful and camp is looking great for the fast approaching Open House! I’m very excited for camp’s brand new climbing wall – I hope every camper signs up to try it out! Looking forward to my future camp visits as a new Staff Alumnus… You can take the counsellor out of camp but you can’t take the camp out of the counsellor. Have a safe and wonderful summer Camp O’!