Captains Blog 05052012

Probably just a bit Rusty

The days have been full around camp and home. There is that camp job list, the home job list, and the office job list. Aunt Sue has been away this week so I have had to magically create a bit more time to pick up a few of those items on the home and office lists.

Late last year we added a specialized computer program to the arsenal of tools to make camper registration and subsequent data management better than the previous crayon and paper approach, that was perfectly ok in the nineties. This program can do a lot. It has on-line registration capabilities, invoicing, a staff application module, and the ability to make hundreds of reports and lists. It can burn out a bus list, allergy list, cabin groups, first year campers, five year campers, Ottawa families, Toronto families, overseas kids and more. I haven’t tried but I suspect this program can make a list of returning third year male campers whose favourite evening program is Buckets and Squares, are fearless of heights, will swim Otter Lake this summer, like orange juice on their cereal and will have a great future in tractor sales and farming !

It truly is a great program (called Camp Brain) and has made the office work much more streamlined and organized. So there I was this evening…… trying to work my way through the online registrations that needed to be processed. It has been a few weeks or maybe more since I had to do this function in the office, so I was taking it slow.

There are several steps that need to be done to generate a couple of forms for our records and to send off a confirmation email/statement to the family that is registering their son/daughter. I didn’t think I hit any wrong keys but during the last step when an email and invoice is being sent, I noticed it was taking longer than expected. I was just walking away to stretch when I glanced back at the screen and “The Brain” was sending an invoice specific to one family out o EVERY family….yikes. Fortunately I caught it and stopped it after only seven were sent and not the many hundreds that could have gone out.

I would like to find fault with The Brain to avoid the blame and embarrassment but I think that, I was probably just a bit rusty!

The truth that I learned long ago at camp is that my mistakes are my own. I’m not sure if I discovered that on the archery range or the tent line, but I got it at camp and I hope every camper and staff member find that truth too!