Captains Blog 04052012

Out for Lunch

The rain was torrential last night and the light show was impressive. The rain is a blessing since it has been such a dry spring and there was so little snow build-up this winter. The lake is noticeably lower for this time of year, so I welcome whatever rain we do get.

It warmed up nicely by late morning reaching close to 20 degrees, with lots of sunshine and light winds. I thought there was no better place to dine for lunch than outside on the porch of the Bridge in such a beautiful natural setting. We thoroughly enjoyed the warm sun, the maple trees approaching full bloom, the lush green grass in front of Harrison Hall and a view of the lake.

The Work Crew staff and I enjoyed a classic lunch: partially burned/cooked hot dogs cooked on an open fire and Kraft Dinner. The mustard, relish, catsup and onion condiments put the meal right over the top. Our laughter was plentiful as we recharged for the afternoon of work and chores.

After lunch I took a few minutes to reflect on the great start we have had to Work Crew this first week. They are an awesome team that I would take “out for lunch” on any day!