Captain’s Blog 03052012

The Job List

In my mind it is crystal clear what needs to be prepared, fixed or cleaned around camp. The real trick for me is communicating those thoughts and getting them on a list in some sort of order and with priorities that make sense to the entire Work Crew staff. I know that the staff like to have a good idea what the day ahead or even the week ahead has in store for them. It’s actually straight forward right now because there is so much to do to set-up camp and easy to prioritize (even if we looked operational yesterday to Master C-Foo). For example, we needed the water turned on to the kitchen and gas turned on to the cooking appliances in the main kitchen at the beginning of the week. It becomes more difficult as we move beyond setting up the basic living requirements and have the leaves raked up.

We have general themes to help us group and organize the work that needs to be done. Those themes include, but are certainly not limited to:

a) Program needs – (Ordering Arts and Craft supplies, putting in the docks)

b) Beautification – (Grass cutting, staining)

c) Site needs – (Improving camp sites, tree removal)

d) Repairs – (Broken steps, old shingles, machinery)

e) New projects – (Drama/music building, new trough)

f) Planning – (Skills Weekend/Open House, Precamp)

g) School Groups – (We have 2 solid weeks in June with school groups)

It is enjoyable to starting filling in those lines under the Theme Headings with specific jobs as they become apparent or simply pop into someone’s mind. I have learned that the job must get on one of those lists if we ever hope to get it done!

Having a job on the list is a great start as we head down the road to actual preparedness. The next step is to line-up the staff, coordinate the training, hope for the right weather, get the tools and to block out the right amount of time. The challenge varies with the jobs; from grass cutting to new construction. Over the next few days the Work Crew staff will be flushing out those lists and preparing to tackle all we can before we start teaching canoeing and singing those camp songs in only a few short weeks.

One great mystery of the job list that I have yet to understand is that each time a job is completed and crossed off a list, another (or two) gets added!