Captain’s Blog 01052012


That is the best way to describe how it feels to have some staff back in camp. We have officially started Work Crew, the time before camp in which some of our older staff who have finished school for the year start work. It is not the usual camp work you would think of such as teaching activities or leading a cabin group. The work they do involves a lot of cleaning, fixing and building. We have already started cleaning up the kitchen and dining hall, fixing some broken water lines and preparing to build the new Drama Music building.

A big part of Work Crew is also the planning of the fast approaching Open House and Staff Skills Weekend (may long weekend). There is much to be readied for the NLS course (life guard training) and the canoe instructor course offered during the Skills Weekend to staff. We also want to have the camp looking as good as can be for the Open House, that just doesn’t happen without a lot of effort.

The first wave of the Work Crew staff include the following amazing people

Pops – (a local kid who was working here all winter)

Ludwig – (a resident of Perth working since February)

Gunner Skaggson – (delivered by Skagg himself)

Enzo – (escorted to camp by teary eyed and emotional roommates)

Clover – (dropped off by very happy looking parents)

Rossi – (well prepared with her new work boots and safety glasses)

Topo – (zesty country gentleman full of ideas for the Camp O radio show)


And me Capt!