Otterdale’s Programs

There are six major activity periods each day. Every evening after supper campers “tag up” for their activity choices, of which one is reserved for a swimming lesson. We offer Red Cross swimming lessons from levels 1 to 10, and for more advanced swimmers Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross.

After lunch there is a quiet hour where all campers return to their cabins to rest, read, write a letter or plan an upcoming event with their counsellors. During evening program the entire camp comes together to enjoy special activities, games, campfires, skits, swim activities and much more.

The Camp Community

We believe that a sense of community is created when people feel they have a common purpose-when they learn and play together, help one another, converse and take time to make friends.

Meals are a relaxed time where campers and counsellors can enjoy good food, laugh and talk with one another. Our camp community comes together for all-camp games, campfires, theme days, skit nights and many activities which spring from the imaginations of our staff and campers.

One day a week we take time “to catch our breath”. We ease into the day with a sleep-in and take some time to put a little extra “spit and polish” into cleaning up the camp and in planning special activities. We share a rare quiet time together to reflect on camp experiences.

Wilderness Travel

All campers have an out-trip which may range from one overnight to three days. Younger groups camp out on Otterdale property or might paddle to a nearby site on Otter Lake for example.

The most Senior campers are transported by bus to a provincial park for a three-day canoe trip. Everyone participates in all aspects of their trip, from route planning to clean-up. Through wilderness travel, camper groups bond, campers become more aware of our natural environment and learn various methods of travel. This trip is offered to our 15-year-old campers who are attending camp for a consecutive month, either all of July or all of August. The trip leaves the first day of the second session, and preparations are done over the two days prior to their departure.  If there is room, it is possible for a Senior  two- week camper to participate . A fee of $250 applies for this extra adventure.