Camp Otterdale 2018 Camp Sessions

Pathfinder Leadership and Double Classic Camps (4 weeks for ages 15-16)

JUL Path/D-ClassSaturday, 30 June - Friday, 27 July
AUG Path/D-ClassTuesday, 31 July - Monday, 27 August

Classic Camps (2 weeks for ages 9 to 16)

JUL ASaturday, 30 June - Friday, 13 July
JUL BSaturday, 14 July - Friday, 27 July
AUG ATuesday, 31 July - Monday, 13 August
AUG BTuesday, 14 Aug - Monday, 27 August


Super Starters (1 week for ages 7 and 8)

JUL A Super wk 1Saturday, June 30 - Saturday, July 7
JUL A Super Wk 2 Saturday, July 7 - Friday, July 13
JUL B Super wk 1Saturday, 14 July - Saturday, 21 July
JUL B Super wk 2Saturday, 21 July - Friday, 27 July
AUG A Super Wk 1Tuesday, July 31 - Tuesday, Aug 7
AUG A Super Wk 2 Tuesday, Aug 7 - Monday, Aug 13
AUG B Super wk 1Tuesday, Aug 14 - Tuesday, Aug 21
AUG B Super wk 2Tuesday, Aug 21 - Monday,Aug 27


Camp Session Themes

Camp Themes are a fun way to spice-up camp and add a unique character to each session. The themes act as a backdrop of creativity. Capture the Flag (for example) is a great game in itself but with Space, Pirate or Superhero spin, the game becomes awesome.

The session themes are seamlessly woven throughout all the program areas from ping pong to the sailing. All campers get the opportunity to participate, watch and enjoy the special activities. There are day-to-day themed events within each program. During the last few days of each two-week session, we put more emphasis on the themes and include more special events.

The session themes for the summer of 2018 are: 

July A: Globe Trotting Tourists
July B: Space is the Place
August A: Disco Safari
August B: Camp O’s Got Talent

The session themes provide fun and creative backdrops for many of the programs throughout the session. Some of our most memorable events have been created from idea brainstorms during staff pre-camp training or even hours before launch. If possible, have your campers bring a costume that connects (even remotely) with the theme.